Acronis Software Bundle TV Commercial

Acronis Software Bundle is a collection of seven software; Acronis True Image, SPAMfighter, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Photomizer, Passware Kit, USB to Ethernet Connector, and NXPowerLite. We helped our client with a feature highlight video of each software in a TV commercial.

There was a minority of this project filmed with talent operating the software bundle on a desktop computer. Majority of the piece was screencast video recordings highlighting what users would actually see in the software bundle. We balanced the medium using Hollywood visual effects to composite the piece.

We assisted the client with script writing, screencast video recording, filmed in our studios in Chicago, plus provided professional actor voice-over in English as well as German. Watch the German version of below:

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App In The Air TV Commercial

App In The Air is a personal flight travel companion to keep you updated with flight status, tips within airports, airport navigational maps and more. The app is available for iPhone in the app store.

The client wanted to demonstrate most of the app's feature set in the real world setting of a busy airport, however, due to the high cost of permits and other ancillary services that come with renting space at an airport- it made the location settings unrealistic for the client's budget. We offered them their desired location of a "virtual" airport as we created one with Hollywood green screen visual effects. Check out the comparison video below to show the secret sauce of how we pulled it off:

Furthermore, we assisted the client with script writing, vetted talent selection and cast Fox News Weather Anchor Jenny Milkowski, provided wardrobe and makeup, provided talent voice-over, and filmed in our studios in Chicago.

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NailMatch TV Commercial

NailMatch is an iPhone app allowing users to see a color anywhere, match nail polish, then order it with one tap. We helped the client visualize the simplicity of the app by creating a television commercial. Users can see a quick video illustrating the use cases while browsing the app store. The app is available for iPhone in the app store.

We assisted the client with script writing, handled talent selection and wardrobe, scouted the location and filmed in Chicago. The goal we achieved was to have two female friends meet for lunch, one notices a her friend's cute new handbag and must have the color. She resorts to the next best way to get the exact color match (besides eyeballing it) by using the NailMatch app. The app allows her to take a picture of the color, even tweak if needed, then purchase the nail polish directly fro the app.

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