Pocket Legends Adventures A Casual Action RPG Adventure Open For Beta

Pocket Legends Adventures Hero

Pocket Legends Adventures is a casual action RPG adventure that is now open for beta testers. Spacetime Studios, the publisher of the casual multiplayer game, says it's not a sequel to Pocket Legends but pays casual homage to the same whimsical sense of humor and universe of the successor.

"Seven years ago we released the world's first 3D mobile MMO, Pocket Legends." said Gary Gattis, CEO. "Today we are thrilled to announce Pocket Legends Adventures, a charming homage with all new mechanics in a familiar setting."

Social will be at the forefront of this game allowing you to connect with friends, chat with them, and endless humorous customization of characters. It features an innovative real-time combat system, unique skills-based advancement, and Co-Op multiplayer in the mobile gaming universe!

Differences between the two games are:

  • Pocket Legends Adventures has an extensive single player campaign
  • You only have one character per account (but you can change Race)
  • There is no trading/ merching
  • There is no PvP (yet)

Similarities between the two games are:

  • Pocket Legends Adventures is combat focused (with all new mechanics)
  • There is real-time Multiplayer Madness
  • There is extreme Character Customization along multiple axis
  • It encourages Social gameplay (vanities, chat, emotes, friends, etc)

Gameplay Screenshots From Pocket Legends Adventures

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester to help shape the final output of the game you must create an account and sign up for beta testing here.

Social Casino Gaming Stats

Social casino games are some of the highest grossing genre of mobile games. Often many in the media become surprised by how staggering social casino gaming stats are booming. This article examines several key points from data researchers wrapped into an easy to understand infographic. Let's delve into the results.

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Social Casino Gaming Stats

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Healthy Growth

According to a report by Eilers Research, social casino games will be a $4.4 billion market in 2017 (a 29.4% year-over-year increase projection from $3.4 billion in 2016). There are other studies by PWC that suggest this track will only increase by 2019 and international players will emerge as revenue leaders such as India and South Africa.

Small Tasty Bite Of Huge Industry

Newzoo research estimates mobile gaming will account for 42% or $46.1 billion of the $108.9 billion global gaming market. Of the stats, social casino gaming accounts for more than 4% of gaming industry revenues.

Top 5's

According to App Annie tracking stats, in 2017 the top 5 grossing social casino games on iOS and Android come from the following publishers:

  1. Playtika - Slotomania
  2. Product Madness - Heart of Vegas™ Slots
  3. Huuuge Games - Slots Huuuge Casino
  4. Big Fish Games - Big Fish Casino
  5. Zynga - Wizard of Oz Slots Casino

How Long Do People Play?

Most players spend 2-5 hours per week playing across seventeen franchises sampled from data in a Newzoo study. In this study, Slot Bonanza is the franchise that is played the most hours per week with 7.5% of the players playing it 15 hours or more per week.

A Closer Look

There are other players chasing the top of the pack. We were able to gain some interesting social casino gaming stats from Super Lucky Casino, the publisher of Hot Vegas Slots game. In this game, 65% of players are female, over the age of 35 and they tend to play more than younger groups. Overall, gamers spend $40 per month while playing for 135 minutes on average . You can find this popular game on iTunes and Google Play.

Key Takeaways from Social Casino Gaming Stats

  1. The industry is projected to grow more than 29% in 2017 from 2016.
  2. Social casino gaming accounts for more than 4% of the global gaming industry revenues.
  3. The top 5 grossing social casino games come from: Playtika, Product Madness, Huuuge Games, Big Fish Games, and Zynga.
  4. Most players spend 2-5 hours per week playing.
  5. In one game, females over the age of 35 tend to play more than younger groups.

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Top Common Slots Games Misconceptions

For shy of a decade, I once was the chief editor of a mobile app review company. The leading app review company for Google's Android platform might I add. However, initially I would be hesitant to cover casino slots games because there were many casino slots games misconceptions. I want to take some time to list them and clarify any misconstruction.

Slots Games Misconceptions:

Myth: Confused with gambling

I'll list the biggest elephant in the room first... many immediately assume all casino slots games are real money gambling games. This is not true. You play these games with virtual money. Additionally, each maker discloses on their app descriptions such as, "success within this slot game app does not imply future success at real money gambling." And although they do feature a monetization aspect in which you can pay for more coins with real money, players you not win real jackpots, they do not win real money and cannot cash out winnings like real gambling.

We probably were conditioned initially with this misapprehension as Apple heavily regulates real money casino games in their app store. Regulation stems from locale- as some countries (such as the U.S.) do not allow unregulated online and mobile apps. Therefore, it is important that players differentiate between virtual money games versus real money games. The latter are few and far listed in the app directories.

Myth: Their are no good games

A fair share of the ilk came across my desk as an editor. I've seen many mediocre and have seen some really good ones. The batch from developer Super Lucky Casino caught my eye as they contained many themes similar to those flashy styles you would see at a Vegas casino. They offer plenty of bonuses to keep you coming back. Furthermore, you can play their games offline without WiFi plus they have mini games to break up the monotony of slot pulling.

Slots Games Misconceptions - Here's a Sample Game Hot Vegas Slot Machines

Here's one I found that was very popular with over a million downloads already and rated 4.7 out of 5 stars in app stores called Hot Vegas Slot Machines. It's available for phones and tablets on both iOS and Android.

Myth: I have to pay to play

As mentioned you can pay real money to purchase more coins within these games should you choose. For the majority of players, however, the daily free coins or bonus coin allowance is enough to play for free. Some games offer free coins after a certain amount of time or for completing various milestones. Something to take advantage of for the savvy player.

In conclusion

Still need more convincing? Here's a video review of how I evaluate the features of a typical casino slots game. I hope that my observations from an editor's perspective have cleared up some slots games misconceptions for you. There are plenty of great choices in the app stores. Give one a try today!

-Antonio Wells