4 Key Things Your Social Media Strategy Is Missing

In social media having huge numbers of social followers is great. Planning a regular schedule is phenomenal. And posting engaging content is vital. However, not all brands require massive numbers yet they do require a captive audience. We develop, implement and monitor many of our client's social media tactics and notice four common denominators most organizations are missing from their social media strategy. Let's discover them...

Customer Support

Many of our clients have digital products or services such as mobile apps and games. We notice many of their passionate users do not ask customer support questions via dedicated help desks yet directly on social media. We see many companies attempt to funnel inquirers to their support pages or inboxes. This has its purpose, however, for a more personal touch we recommend taking the time to respond online directly to users.

For example, if a customer asks a technical question on Twitter. Your support staff should take the time to @reply them via several responses until the issue is resolved, not only do you illustrate you care about your users but you exhibit an opportunity to engage with your audience rather than make the mistake like most brands... posting at their audience and expect exponential organic user engagement levels.

Timely Responses

When we step in to manage many of our client's campaigns one of the first things we ask is the average response time on various channels. Many do not have KPI's developed here. We suggest planning a series of response time quotas similar to what's measured in-house.

This requires a solid communication policy with social media managers and customer support staff. For example, your communications manager must be able to identify support issues and relay in order to post an efficient response. Otherwise it can be beneficial to allow customer support staff to have access to social media posting tools.

Treat Separately

One common mistake we see with brands on social media is the regurgitation of the exact same content across all networks. This is why having a dedicated manager or staff helps ROI as they can still send the same subject matter- just cater the content differently for each network. For example, you would not have the same attention grabber text on Twitter as you would on LinkedIn.


Acquiring followers and funneling them to convert should be the top goal of any social media strategy. However, we advise to not forget about those whom you have converted. One focal point should be to constantly re-engage and retain existing user/customers.

Key Takeaways Missing From Social Media Strategy Plans

  1. Be prepared to receive and answer customer support issues on social media.
  2. Be prepared to respond in a timely manner.
  3. Treat each network separately.
  4. Try to use social media to retain and re-engage existing users.

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