Pocket Legends Adventures A Casual Action RPG Adventure Open For Beta

Pocket Legends Adventures is a casual action RPG adventure that is now open for beta testers. Spacetime Studios, the publisher of the casual multiplayer game, says it's not a sequel to Pocket Legends but pays casual homage to the same whimsical sense of humor and universe of the successor.

"Seven years ago we released the world's first 3D mobile MMO, Pocket Legends." said Gary Gattis, CEO. "Today we are thrilled to announce Pocket Legends Adventures, a charming homage with all new mechanics in a familiar setting."

Social will be at the forefront of this game allowing you to connect with friends, chat with them, and endless humorous customization of characters. It features an innovative real-time combat system, unique skills-based advancement, and Co-Op multiplayer in the mobile gaming universe!

Differences between the two games are:

  • Pocket Legends Adventures has an extensive single player campaign
  • You only have one character per account (but you can change Race)
  • There is no trading/ merching
  • There is no PvP (yet)

Similarities between the two games are:

  • Pocket Legends Adventures is combat focused (with all new mechanics)
  • There is real-time Multiplayer Madness
  • There is extreme Character Customization along multiple axis
  • It encourages Social gameplay (vanities, chat, emotes, friends, etc)

Gameplay Screenshots From Pocket Legends Adventures

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester to help shape the final output of the game you must create an account and sign up for beta testing here.

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